The PhD7Faster 2.0 tool in the SAROTUP suite is a predictor that can be used to predict if phages bearing your peptides from the Ph.D.-7 library might grow faster. The predictor was built using Support Vector Machine, which was trained with peptides from the unselected Ph.D.-7 library after one round of amplification. Please enter peptides from Ph.D.-7 library in FASTA or raw sequence format. (Download standalone tools on the Download page.)

Pay attention: the threshold to distinguish between predicted positives and negatives (tp) ranges from 0 to 1. However, it is set to 0.5 by default. That is to say, a peptide will be predicted to be a fast-growing peptide if the probability is 0.5 or higher. You can adjust the threshold according to your own needs. For instance, you should set a lower tp if you do not care about false positives and just want to exclude all possible fast-growing peptides. On the contrary, you should increase the tp to 0.95, for example, if your purpose is to discover some novel fast-growing peptides with greater confidence. Here we go!

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