Think before you leap; SAROTUP before you reap!

SAROTUP is originally short for "Scanner And Reporter Of Target-Unrelated Peptides". Now it has been developed into a suite of web tools which can be used to scan, report and exclude possible target-unrelated peptides from biopanning results. In the SAROTUP suite, the TUPScan tool finds peptides with known TUP motifs in your query sequences; the MimoScan tool reports peptides in the MimoDB database that match your query patterns; the MimoSearch and MimoBlast tools check if there are peptides in the MimoDB database that are identical or similar to yours. These tools can be used in basic study such as epitope mapping based on phage display and applied research such as development of diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines based on mimotopes. Using SAROTUP first would help to keep your study away from "garbage in, garbage out" effects and save labor, money and time for you.

SAROTUP Version: 2.0

TUPScan Summary
Biotin Motifs: 1
Plastic Motifs: 3
Albumin Motifs: 1
Metal Ion Motifs: 4
Protein A Motifs: 1
Fc Region Motifs: 5
Streptavidin Motifs: 5
Unrelated Antibody Motifs: 6
Known PrTUP Seqs: 9
Known SrTUP Seqs: 21
Known VTB Sequences: 5
Other tools in SAROTUP:
Released On: Dec 18th, 2012