CISI: A tool for predicting Cross-interaction or/and Self-interaction of monoclonal antibodies using sequences

The Cross-interaction or Self-interaction (CISI) is made up of the following 4 assays, Poly-Specificity Reagent (PSR), Cross-Interaction Chromatography (CIC), Affinity-Capture Self-Interaction Nanoparticle Spectroscopy (AC-SINS) and Clone Self-Interaction by Biolayer Interferometry (CSI-BLI). This predictor determines whether an antibody will have problem with Cross-Interaction or/and Self-Interaction to be developed. 10% threshold of worse assay values for 48 approved antibodies are used as a yardstick with a total of 131 antibodies for the development of CISI model. With more positive data set, esemble method is used.The positive dataset is divided into 2 and used with the same negative data. Two models were designed CISI1 and CISI2, the result of CISI is determined by the p-values of both CISI1 and CISI2. CISI achieved an accuracy of 88.19%. Lets do this!!!

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